Moving forwards

Moving forwards

So much has happened since my last post….

Firstly Spring has arrived in all its beautiful glory

And just as importantly, as a family we have made the decision that we are going to definitely move to France. Even my 8 year old son is happy to go seeing it as an adventure and an opportunity to have more time as a family.

But what a lot of things need sorting before we get there. Firstly we have sold our house and whilst we are waiting for the sale to go through we are having a major clear out. As a family we all struggle to get rid of stuff, although I am the best out of the three of us. I find it painful at times but also liberating and as we are now mid clearout I just want it done so we can move onto the next stage.

The next stage is moving into a rented house for a few months and then….lots of more practical things to sort out.

More to come……

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