Time passes…

Time passes…

I was shocked today when I looked at the date on the last post and realized two months had passed almost without me noticing.

So much for my commitment to write several times a week. Unfortunately this is a bit of a pattern for me which I am determined to break – I’m very good at starting things – not so good at keeping the momentum up and finishing things.

So whilst I have been away for two months I have been busy.

View out of my office window, makes work more bearable #autumn #trees #leaves #colour #Yorkshire #view #outthewindow

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Autumn has arrived in all of its colorful glory (as seen above) , I was lucky enough to have a week away in France in the sunshine visiting some of my favourite places and I’m now starting to get into the Christmas spirit slowly.

It’s always a time of year when I get reflective , have I achieved what I really wanted to this year, what are my plans for the future, where do I see myself in 12 months time etc etc.

I’m really good at day dreaming and almost planning but then life gets in the way and I get swallowed up by the everyday and things slip so I’m probably no further on that I was 12 months ago with achieving better balance in my life and being more true to myself.

I am determined that I will plan properly for the year ahead as we have decided that what we really want to do is move to France.

Pretty drastic really but sometimes I think you need to be drastic, to shake life up a bit, to realize that life is too short and being closer to 50 than 40 it feels like now or never.

Although it feels a little as if I’m stepping off the edge of a cliff into an abyss, that is the plan.

And the hope that I can do more of what I love.

I would like to share my journey with you – wish me luck!

Busy on Pampelonne beach this afternoon #travelling #Riviera #France #sttropez #beach #seaside #outofseason #quiet

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