The dreaded Media Skills training

The dreaded Media Skills training

At work last week I was sent on a Media Skills training course. I had been actively avoiding it for 3 years but in the spirit of facing my fears I agreed to do it.

It was a day spent developing your interviewing skills for both radio and TV.

The morning was spent being interviewed on the radio – this was okay although I found that my voice did sound a bit like a London East End market trader which was quite a surprise! Having lived in Yorkshire for the last 30 years I thought I had lost my southern twang! However, all was well and although nerve-racking I did okay and got some positive feedback.

So on to the afternoon where we practised responding to more ‘aggressive’ questioning in front of a camera. The knot in the pit of my stomach tightened a bit more but I was determined to get through it. And I did!

I found the questioning was okay and I was able to respond in an appropriate manner but what I found really difficult was watching myself back on a big TV screen.

I never knew I looked like that when I was talking and animated…..and I’m not sure whether I like it or not.

It’s made me think at lot about my self – perception and what I thought I looked like….and the reality. I didn’t know I was such an active listener and nodded my head so much. I didn’t know how much I frowned when I was thinking. And I didn’t know how much I needed a hair cut too!

This was over a week ago and initially it really knocked my confidence, making me feel insecure about how I present myself and how I appear to others. The worst thing was realising that I don’t look the way I feel inside and the knowledge that I am getting older and it is starting to show in my face.

On reflection and in the spirit of trying to see the positive in things, I now know what I need to work on if I am in front of a camera again, I know that I can respond to challenging situations if needed and I have an interesting face to watch.

I confronted one of my fears. It wasn’t always entirely comfortable but I got through it and came out the other side having learnt a little bit more about myself.

And now I am off to get my hair cut!!


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